How does the forum work - paid and free work

Are the people policing the forum paid by Fizz? Or are the incentive enough to trigger these behaviors?


  • Chris K. #7521
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    A few users are part of the Fizz Team, it shows this next to their name. I'm assuming they are paid. The rest are just unpaid Fizz members contributing to the community.
  • Aaron T. #7761
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    I do not believe their are people "policing" the Community forms.
    We are here to help each other.
    But if you feel someone is out of line there is a way to report that.
    I came across it today but can not seem to find it.
    one of the Super Geeks can probably help out there.
    So if this was a general question then no ... we are all Fizz community members... with a few staff who comment
    If your looking for policing because of an issue you can contact Fizz through there contact us tab
    If it was neither of these I would encourage you to reword your question so as to get the answers you are looking for.
  • Thanh S.
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    Please close this
  • Gualberto
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    Yes they give enough, especially in the beginning. The ratio of effort : points : savings are really worth it ! Aim for level 3 OR 5 and you can pause.
  • Meowth
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    I understand that you find no ''best answer'' but if we don't know what you're talking about, we can't answer it correctly... Can you explain more what you want to know?
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