I want to change my Phone and the SIM Card is different , do I have to make command an new SIM Card?

Hello ,
I have an Iphone 5 SE right now and I want to change to an LG 4 , but the SIM Card is different so I guess I will have to command a new one , but will I be charged ? Also , can I keep same phone number and profile or do I have to start over from beginning?
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  • Hi Nicolas
    The Iphone 5 SE uses a nano SIM
    The LG G4 uses a micro SIM
    Your fizz card shipped as a 3 in 1 with nano being the smallest
    As long as you kept the outside pieces, you can snap it back in
    The next piece up makes it micro
    Then the next one mini
    If you don't still have it, surely a friend must have one
    It does not even need to be from fizz its the same size and just a plastic shell
  • Fizzy
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    You can use the same SIM card.

    The size for iPhone SE is nano. The size for LG G4 is micro.

    You just need to add the adapter that came with the SIM card. If you no longer have it, any mobile shop can provide it to you usually at no charge.

  • Sometimes you can just buy an adapter to make it fit in. Normally you will keep everything else the same.
    Please contact a representative to guide you through the process
  • MichelP
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    Have you kept the original frame of your first sim card received initially?
    Maybe it wont fit.
    I think you'll be obliged to order another sim card and you'll be sure that this new one will fit in your new telephone.
  • Samtou
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    First, you must verify if your new cellphone is compatible with Fizz (normally yes, but just in case). If your cellphone is compatible, I don't think Fizz is offering different kinds of SIM card. So your actual sim card should fit in. Anyway, you wouldn't have to start over from beginning, you can always keep the same number and since you are still with Fizz, it will appear on your actual profile. I hope everything is clear! If I missed something, let me now, just in case I change my cellphone as well;)
  • Have you solved the problem ?
  • sman
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    The iPhone 5SE uses the nano card, the LG 4 uses the micro
    therefore, you need to find the original pieces and reassemble.
    If you do not have anymore, go in a kiosque of an other company in a mall and ask if they have one to give you.
  • Good luck with that!
  • Has it been fixed?
  • Nicolas, did you menage to fit your sim with your phone?
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