Can I stop my account during my summer break?

Hi, I am an international student. I am not in Montreal for 4 months every year. Can I temporarily stop my account and continue after my break? By the way, I just change Fido to Fizz, do I need to tell Fido my choice?


  • MichelP
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    No, you can't completetaly if you dont want lose your phone number.
    Change for a minimum plan, coverage of Quebec, with no data, no calls and no textos for 9.46$ + tx.
    You you dont want, unsubscribe.
    After ,your break you take another plan with Fizz.
  • Unfortunately not! Just change your plan to the lowest cost plan you can get!
  • Fizzy
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    Fizz does not offer the option to temporarily suspend accounts.

    Your only option is to change to the lowest priced plan.

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