Should I level?

Do you think it worth the investment in time to level up through the community ?

Also I need a referral code please.

Thanks !


  • Here is my code
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  • clau3166
    clau3166 Posts: 130
    Totally worth it to level up!! Getting free perks such as data or dollars off your monthly bill is just great.
    You can use my code too if you want :) ZCOQJ Cheers!
  • Hey Felix,


    Personally my goal is to limit how fast I level since each bonus reward is only valid 24 month from when it is received. This way I can redeems rewards for years to come. If you rush to the last level, then you may not have any rewards after two years.


    If you decide to sign up, use a referral code for a $35 discount! Mine is E6V3F.

  • Definitely you should participate not only for point, but to help others members and share your knowledge.
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