$ 1 rebate disappear?

Last month I suddenly discovered that there were two rebates in my account, $ 1 and $ 2 respectively.
But I can only add one rebate at a time, so last month I added the $ 2 rebate, but after the deduction was successful, I looked at my account today and the unused $ 1 rebate disappeared. is this normal? How to get it back? And if I change the Internet plan in the future, will the existing $ 2 rebate be cancelled?


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    Logon your account

    1. On your <Overview> page, scroll down to <My Rewards Program>

    2. Click on <See details>


    Or go to this page: https://zone.fizz.ca/dce/customer-ui-prod/#/loyalty


    At the bottom, you will see a black tab labelled <My Upgrades>

    Click on the ^ (up arrow) to open <My Upgrades>.


    You should see all your upgrades now.

    There are 2 tabs:

    - Mobile

    - Internet



    If you think any upgrades are missing, you should contact Fizz support.

  • It seems to be a bug. Try to communicate with the customer service by messanger or contact form! Good luck!
  • Thank you all for your kind answers. I finally found the $1 rebate that is hidden in My rewards program/see details/mange my upgrades/my upgrades/internet, but when I try to apply that $1 rebate, nothing happen, just seeing the $2 pig trembling. does it mean I can only apply one rebate if I only have one internet account in current level. I am now at level 2/about 2300 points.
  • I had the same issue and spoke with a representative (BubbleChat). She told me I will get it back (the 1$).
    Hope it helps
  • Wen, you need to wait till you are at level 3 to open a new slot to apply the 1$ rebate.
  • So, did you contact them? Did they solve your problem?
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