Can't login to my account since Dec 18. There is a problem, Please try again later?

I sent request on Fizz Messenger, had a reply saying it has been escalated. nothing since. I needed to send to my friend an invite but seeing the service I receive to fix my issue, he went somewhere else... I am looking to do so...


  • MichelP
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    Maybe, change of browser. unblock the pop-up...
    Did you change your password of your email adress?
    Have you tried to send via Facebook ( by messenger) a message to fizz customer service?
    https://facebook/ Click: Send Message
    They will respond to you...
  • Berts
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    Call Fizz by messenger or chat for a good answer.
  • Very unfortunate...they might be overwhelmed with all the new members.I never had any issues with Fizz.Good luck with your problem.
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