Roll over data applied before end of billing cycle?

I just received a text message stating that 2.1gb of my current data will be rolled over to next month.
My question is, that's exactly how much i currently have left and i still have 5 days until the end of my cycle. Will it simply diminish as i keep using it or does fizz really take whatever you have 5 days prior to the end and roll over that much data?
That would be cool, but i somehow doubt it.
"You just got your first rollover! We applied 2.13 GB to your next billing period. Learn about rollover"


  • MichelP
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    Dont worry.
    Your Final rollover will be your data left at your renewall of your cycling plan date.
  • My guess is that it is an inaccurate automated message and the data that will rollover is going to be whatever you have left by the end of your billing cycle.
  • Fizz is still adjusting but simply put, they rollover precisely at the end of the cycle.
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