When do you get your own refferal code?

When do you get your own refferal code?
we are 4 and i want to reffer the next person and so on
will my code be available as soon as i select an plan
only after my port is complete
i want to get all for done on the same day for simplicity of billing


  • Mike
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    You must have an active Fizz plan to invite friends and receive Referral Bonuses.


    To retrieve your Referral Code:

    1. Go to My Profile in your Fizz account.
    2. Scroll to the menu below your usage update and select Invite Friends.
    3. On the bottom of this page, click on Reveal my Referral Code.
    4. On the next screen, slide the toggle from Off to On to reveal your code.


    Login to your account to get your Referral Code

  • thats my question
    when does the plan become active
    upon selection (after receiving sim and selecting everything)
    only after the port is succesful
  • MichelP
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    You get your referral code when your Fizz plan is active.
    That's it.
  • i'm still not clear on when that is
    it sounds like your saying after the port
    which could take a few hours
    this will make it a long day if i have 4 accounts to do
    this would require staring early in the morning
    is the account active after initiating everything
    only after the successful completion of the port
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