4 accounts or 1 account with 4 plans?

we are a family of 4
what would be better
4 accounts or 1 account with 4 plans
there is a similar thread for 2 accounts
but the discussion is closed so i could not ask more questions
why are many people saying that 1 account is better
does 1 reward go to all 4 lines?
is it possible to have more details before i commit


  • Mike
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    If you plan to participate to the community is better to group some of them.
    If you do not plan to participate, it is better to have a separate account, since you we receive perks to one of each.
    A week ago we received 1Gb per account, 2 or 3 weeks ago 500Mb per account too.
  • MichelP
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    I would suggest you 4 accounts. You'll be able to get rewards of 35% for 3 accounts.
    If you are not active in the community, it,s your best option.
    If you prefer to get rapidly bonus, have only 1 account with 4 plans.
    It depends of your needs.
  • Thanks @Fizzy and @Mike
    you are confirming my thoughts
    i believed that 4 accounts was better
    i was aware of the 35/70 reward
    my confusion was others saying that 1 account was better
    and i just could not figure it out
    4 separate accounts takes a bit more effort but will be much more rewarding
    i realize i will need to "daisichain" the activation
    me > wife > son > daughter
    how long before i get my referal code to give to wife
    then repeat
    will my code show up as soon as i set my plan per account or only once the port is succesful
    id like all accounts active on same day to keep same billing date
  • @Mike @Fizzy @MichaelIP
    i'm finding it very hard to pick a best answer
    it really is a combination of your responces that has helped me out
    will do my best to pick one
    hope i dont upset anyone
    BTW how long does it take / when to get your own refferal code
    as i said i have 4 accounts to do
    and want to do it all on same day for simplicity of billing
  • very odd
    thats 2x now
    that i write something
    i can see it as a comment here
    then when i refresh to see if there is an answer
    my comment is gone
    was there something in the message the system did not like
  • im finding it hard to select the best
    i dont want to upset anyone
    you were all so helpful
    could the issue be that i referenced your names
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