link to order sim cards?

looking for appropriate section on the website
cannot find where to get sim card
all information points back to creating a new plan
which i cannot do as i dont have my sim card(s)
BTW we are 4 and i plan on making 4 separate accounts
I presume there is an easy way to order the sim cards at once
then create 4 separate accounts


  • Fling
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    No, it's the right place, You have to create a plan and you will have a question " buy a SIM card
    To create your first plan you can take my refferal code and the 3 other take the one Fizz will give you after you create your plan.
    If you need a referral code this is mine OKWPW. With this code you will receive 25$ to be applied to your 3rd payment.
    It is important to add the referral code must be used during the creation of your plan when the taxes are shown.
  • Patrick C. #14966
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    thank you
    so, i need to order all 4 separately if we want separate accounts?
    or can i order all 4 from my account then the others can proceed on their own
    the refferal bonus is 35 from dec 9 to jan 25
  • Fling
    Fling Posts: 8,252 ✭✭
    Not separaly, you will know how much at the time you can order when you will be on the page but I think it's 5. After you create 3 other account to activate a plan and they can use your referral code after you create your account.
    The $35 for the referral code is until the 15 of January not the 25
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