Is Fizz going to offer an unlimited data plan like Rogers?

I am looking for an unlimited data plan that I can use wherever I go, but currently, only Rogers offers it. However, I've been a member of Fizz for a year now and I am quite very satisfied! So, I was wondering if they can offer it or will they ever offer it? Because, that would be a great idea!
Request from a fizz veteran.


  • Alfio
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    Interesting feature, but in the end it is a business and competitive decisions for Fizz. Should Fizz compete in that area? How much market share would they gain? Maybe at some point. I don't think you will get an answer from Fizz.
  • I’m always curious what people are doing on their phones where 20gb isn’t enough data lol
    Genuinely curious, do you not have wifi at your home/work?
  • I agree with both of you. Don't think it fits perfectly with Fizz strategy.
    Maybe one day !
  • Maybe one day lets hope
  • Fizzy
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    There will be no point to data gifting if someone has an unlimited data plan.


    Your statement "I've been a member of Fizz for a year now and I am quite very satisfied!" pretty much summarizes your feelings. There are perks that Fizz offers and Rogers does not have and vice versa. If you are interested in Rogers, the prices may not be the same though.

  • i can see the value in this
    without affecting the rewards/gifting
    it would not need to even be fast
    just 128kb or 64kb
    enough for email and chat
    just in case you run out and dont manage to get data gift
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