What if I have 2 phones?

I have 2 lines, myself and my son. Can I join with 2 lines? How? Or do I have to join separately


  • Fizzy
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    You can start with one phone. Make sure the service meets your needs and is working well for you, then you can commit for additional lines or services.



    Things to be aware of:

    - The mobile service is pretty stable now, but there are can be hiccups from time-to-time. If you are comfortable with some DIY troubleshooting, then Fizz is a good fit for you. Also contact with Fizz customer service is via chat, there is no phone number to call customer service,  That being said, I am happy with both Fizz Mobile and Fizz Internet services so far.


    - At the moment, if you want to port transfer your number from another carrier, you must do so only at activation time.

    Once you have activated a line, you can change your phone number, but you can no longer port from another provider.


    - At time of activation, you can enter the referral code of an existing customer. After you have made your second monthly payment, both you and the existing customer will earn $25 credit for the referral. The $25 credit will be applied to future bills.


    If I have helped you in any way, you can use my referral code 66KGA when you activate.

    I also have leftover data every month, so as a thank you, I will gift data to people who used my referral code.

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    They will each have their own plan. If you both have data though, you can gift data from one plan to the other. You can choose to have one account with two plans, or two separate accounts. Your choice.


    Use my code if you need a referal code: IDUOO

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