How can I stop fizz account?

I'm gonna to leave Canada next month, I want to stop the mobile service in Fizz. But I cannot find any instruction of this.


  • Alfio
    Alfio Posts: 394
    Sorry to see you go Lixin. If you do come back to Canada, you can always join Fizz again. Note that if you had a Fizz plan discount (stabilization price), then that will be gone.
  • Gally
    Gally Posts: 53
    You cannot suspend your Fizz plan, you have to cancel your subscription. That is the only option you got with Fizz
  • Note that beyond what others have said, if you will be returning to Canada and will want to resubscribe in the future with the same number with Fizz you can just drop your plan down to the bare minimum (No data, minutes, or texts, Quebec coverage only) for 9 dollars a month while you are away. This way you if come back you can always bump it back up to what you need.
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