Why are we not allowed to use a referral code for a second plan?

So if I have a mobile plan and I wanted to get an internet plan from Fizz, it seems like Fizz wants us to make a second account to use any referral code (including the one associated with the first account).

If Fizz allows us to double dip on discounts in this manner, then why not just allow us to use a referral code when ordering a second plan? Or if they don't want us to double dip, disable using own referral code but allow the use of any other code. 

So for instance, user ordering a second plan from the same account would be able to use any referral code that doesn't belong to that account itself. 

I understand a second plan would allow to level up slightly faster, but even then it makes a very minuscule difference and most regular customers aren't really that concerned with leveling up or upgrades in the first place.

It seems like Fizz is actively dissuading users to get second plans with the current setup. Just allow the use of referral codes to make getting a second plan even more inticing, instead of making them sign up for a second account. 

P.S: no need to advertise your referral code in this thread. This is mostly hypothetical. 


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