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Anyone with 873 can't receive a call from Ottawa landlines?

I move my number to fizz 6 weeks ago and just realized that the building I live cannot call me from their landlines. I tried calling myself using the university lines and none of them work either. The message was "You are trying to dial the long distance number..." and not forwarding it anywhere.
I did try put 1 in front of the number and it says "Please check the number..."
I did the same thing on my husband number that's 819 and the call goes through easily.
I switched the sim card with my husband's so it's not the phone problem.
I tried contact fizz ( a lot ) and keep receiving the email answer that it's the landlines' fault that I need to contact my operator (contact the university operator, or Minto buildings' operator??)
One of the message that I got from Fizz said that “I would like as well to know if the call passes after this message, as most of the time, this message is recorded on our network for any call towards a number with an area code that has recently been registered, but there should be no issue in placing those calls. ”
As my quick wiki google says, 873 was added September 15, 2012. Even before Fizz??
How do I make my number accessible from the landline again? Move back to Bell? Will I receive money back for this month that I paid? Anyone with 873 can tell me if your phone is working?


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