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4th LED keeps flashing, none of them tunes blue as per step 3 in the installation instructions. What

I followed the instructions from the box.
After step 2, I waited more than an hours and the LEDs never turned to what is described in step 3.
I was able to connect to the modem, to perform "Easy Connect".
My devices are able to connect to the modem, but there is no internet connection.
The technician from Videotron tested all the coax.
I got an email confirming my internet was live.
I did a factory reset and repeated the steps, still nothing.
Unplugged and plugged all the cables I could, still no change.
What am I missing?


  • Berts
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    Close your phone and re open
  • .
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    It’s possible that you have a defective modem. You should contact customer support as described here: https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us. Or you can do so via your online Fizz by going to My Profile > Forms. Good luck!
  • Fizzy
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    The technician from Videotron tested all the coax.

    There should be only one coaxial cable line that the technician needed to test.

    Make sure this cable is tightly screwed into your modem.


    If problem persists, you'll need to contaact Fizz support.


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