Why can't I gift data?

Why can't I gift data to someone who has data plan?


  • Berts
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    Contact Fizz and will reçoive à good help.Good Luck.....
  • Fizzy
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    What error message are you getting?


    You need to have at least 500 MB available on your current data plan to gift.


    If you have unused data in your account, you can gift it to any member who is findable in the Fizz community (in other words, anyone who is not in Incognito mode), and whose plan includes data.


    You can choose to randomly gift data any time. Or, you can wait until it’s almost the end of your payment cycle and gift data before it rolls over. Learn about Rollovers



    If you want to gift unused data at the end of your payment cycle, you can gift it right up to 48 hours before your current payment cycle ends. Once this cycle is over, however, the data will roll over — it will no longer be available to send as a gift.

  • Hannah H. #12390
    Thank you all. When I tried to gift data, I got the error message: "shortcode.source_product_is_not_found". Is this because I tried to gift the date from my perk? I don't have data plan, but the person I tried to gift data to has data plan.
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