Can't connect to the network with my iPhone?

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I have an iPhone 5. I recently change from chatr to fizz but my iPhone 5 doesn't connect to the fizz's network. What can I do to fix it? Is there any special config that I have to do? I already have the latest update and I tried everything that fizz say in the tutorial.


  • Sean A. #12492
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    Here's the text from Solution Hub:


    Is my phone compatible with the Fizz mobile network?


    Your phone needs to meet a few critera if you want to use it on the Fizz mobile network. 



    iPhone: There are three elements to check to find out if your iPhone is compatible with the Fizz network:

    1. The model: Only the iPhone 5s, or more recent, are compatible with the Fizz mobile network.
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    That is quite unfortunate. But there is some logic behind this. Fizz operates with videotron’s network. And for much of that company’s history, they did not even have iPhone compatibility. They finally did upgrade around the time of the 5S. However, the end result is that users with older iPhones don’t get the full network experience.
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    it wont work , your device is too old for the service
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