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First time self-installation

Just got Fizz for the first time What will I need for the self-installation I'm pretty tech-savvy but there's a limit and what do I need to do also so I can prepare myself


  • It is pretty easy, you will be fine.
    Anyway, we paid for the installation and the guy was barely speaking french nor english. He didn't even know what meant a basic no internet connection error. He add to call customer service to install our modem ouf!!!
    My boyfriend was telling him to connect the computer with the internet wire (the tech was saying no no it is a Bell wire it won't work until he got out his wire way too short and realize it was the exact same thing). Would have been way faster without the guy!!!
  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 6,451

    The installation is pretty basic. The technician will bring the Fizz modem/router to you. You need to unwrap the box (keep the wrapper as it contains some instructions). Then there are 3 connections you need to make.

    1. Attach coaxial cable to modem and ensure it is tight.

    2. Plug into electrical outlet, preperably to power bar with surge protector.

    3. Wait for modem lights to come on. The modem will self-update. For first time use, expect about 30 minutes for the modem to initialize. Hook up your computer by ethernet cable and test your connection.


    Make sure the technician will test the cable line coming into your home. If the signal is insufficient, then the tech may run a new line. Some people have made a mistake of informing the tech that they used to have cable and the line was working fine, then the tech may decide to just drop off the modem.

    Also ask the tech where will you find the modem password. Usually it's written on the label affixed to the modem. For  others, it's a default password.


    Enjoy your internet!

  • Micah
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    The technician was very helpful :) I see no need to pay for the installation. He ran a new line, drilled a new hole for where we wanted the router and then plugged it all in for us. It took less than 10 minutes for him to complete.
  • It is very easy to install yourself. All the instructions are inside the box. If you already have internet with another company it is basically just plugging your old wire into your new Fizz modem. That's it! Very easy. No need to pay for a technician in my opinion.
    *I am not super tech-savvy, so if I can do it, pretty much anyone can ;)
  • vanigh
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    As you can see from the responses above it's fairly simple process, just let the technician check your line.
    In case you want to use your own Router, since Fizz's router sometimes is spotty here is the related info.
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