Is Fizz Reward program really generous?

Kovid Posts: 588 ✭✭
Being able to carry data over or to gift it away is definitely great and innovative.
We receive some compensatory perks for outages or last week some Halloween data, that is fair and appreciated.
However, the upgrade system doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
We are getting the upgrades but we can't use them all since there are only 3 slots at most available. If you give a gift which the recipient can't use, does it have a lot of value?
If someone like the man who will reply first is active 24/7 here, they can get very fast to level 5 in order to have the 3 slots. By then they will have accumulated 6 ugrades (data +$1), but only 3 of them can be used. The other 3 are useless.
If you decide to go slow, would it work? In other words, is there a way to optimally take advantage of the upgrades?


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