Internet downtime lately, just Fizz or other providers too?

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Internet seems to be down for a lot of people here. Is this a Fizz problem only or are people with other providers also experiencing downtime in the same regions because of weather? 

Doesn't Fizz use Videotron's internet? Does that mean people using videotron are also experiencing the same issues? 

Also, how come this is effecting internet but not so much mobile service? 


  • Fizzy
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    Here is latest update from:


    November 2nd 2019, 2:00 p.m.

    IMPORTANT: Due to poor weather conditions over the last few days, some Fizz members in several Quebec regions are experiencing problems with their Home Internet service.

    Our teams are in place to restore the situation as soon as Hydro-Québec's technicians have completed their work. Please note that the Internet service may take a few hours to return to normal once electricity has been restored.

    Our mobile services are all fully functional.

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