Internet loss when connecting to VPN?

Hey guys,
I occasionally work from home and to connect to my work network I use a VPN.
I never had any issue connecting to the VPN when I was with Videotron but since I've switched to Fizz I keep loosing my internet connection when I connect to the VPN... The status will go from "Connected, secured" to "No Internet, secured".
The VPN I'm using is Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.
I saw some other posts regarding VPN issues but couldn't find any definite answer to the problem. Wanted to see if anyone found a solution since or maybe a workaround?


  • Hi, have you tried looking/reseting your network settings? You can also contact support (live chat)
  • If you're connected thru Wifi then the problem could be the Wifi connection.
    If this is the case then you should disable ATF, Band steering, and change the default channel to see if it helps (or connect with wire)
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    If you lose internet connection even for an instant, you will lose the VPN as well.


    You can try these things to help minimize the problem:

    - reboot your modem and computer on a regular basis (perhaps once a week).

    - connect directly to your modem/router with a wired/ethernet connection.


    Let us know more. And we can offer more suggestions.

  • vanigh
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    Are you connected using your own router? or Fizz's modem/WiFi router? Fiss's supplied WiFi modem/router is known for problems.
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