How do I change my plan?

I need to add travel minutes or change my plan from Quebec to Canada+USA. Can someone tell me how to it as I am trying to click on rates and it keeps on bringing me back to the home page.
I already have a existing plan and a SIM card. Do I need to order another one to change my plan?
Thank you


  • Thank you everyone for your help. Tried different browser, i only have one account which contains all my info and confirmation of my SIM card etc...
    How do I get in contact with a rep from fizz so they can look into this?
  • Alfio
    Alfio Posts: 393
    Just a warning note that if you signed up before October 17, then you are benefiting from a discounted rate (at least until early 2020) that will disappear if you make changes to your plan. Best to contact Fizz about this as well.
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