Is a Fizz sim compatible with a wireless home phone hub?

I currently have a WF721 home phone hub for my parents. Assuming it is unlocked, would I be able to use it with a valid Fizz sim card (assuming the plan has talk time included)?
Anyone had any luck with this?


  • Mike
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    The SIM yes, check you HUB if it has the right frequency


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    If you bought it from a Canadian shop (bureau en gros) or Candian website (like amazon), then it is likely unlocked and has the required frequencies. So it will work.


    If you bought it from a Canadian provider (like telus, rogers), then it is likely locked and will not work with other SIM card.

  • It should work, but the best way to find out is by taking advantage of the 15 day trial period and trying it out yourself!
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