Technical issue-Internet-Installation-Reschedule?

I had an installation scheduled for this Saturday October 26 and received an Email that I need to re scheduled. I need an appointment as soon as possible as I am without internet now and need it for school. Can you re schedule my appointment ASAP?


  • To reschedule your appointment, login to your account and change it. You might have to cancel the appointment you have to take a new one.
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    I do miss the advantage of speaking to a live person who can make a difference.


    Many moons ago I was supposed to receive internet installation on a weekday after 6pm.

    I really appreciated the flexibility of the company to offer evening appointment for the installation.

    I was assured several times that the technician would arrive on the scheduled day after 6pm.


    When we got home at 5:30pm, I saw a note stuck on my door. The techinician wrote you were not home, so you will have to reschedule your appointment. I was so upset, I called the company to ask what happened. They put me on hold (presumably to contact the technician) and after a few mintues told me I will have to reschedule the appointment. At that point, I thought to myself if it starts off badly like this, what can I possibly expect next? I already had a backup service in mind, so I poiltely told the employee on the phone that I will cancel the installation, I don't want the service any more.


    He asked me to hold again. After about 5 minutes, a supervisor came on the phone to speak with me. He apologized for the delay and told me the technician is returning now to do the install.


    The technician showed up 15 minutes later, was very polite, apologized and told me it was a very long day for him. He completed the installation in about 15 minutes. I ended up staying with that company's service for many years.

  • same here! I need the internet installed asap, as I work from home and I have some online meeting scheduled already!! I got exactly the same message today and the next available date is november 6!! it is way too late! I want to cancel the internet with fizz and get another provider that will respect the deadlines. like the other users wrote - if it starts bad, what can you expect from the monthly service??
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