Why do we sometimes get "This answer is undergoing moderation" when posting?

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I've seen this happen a few times when replying to a thread. 

"This answer is undergoing moderation. It will have to be approved by the administrators before it is made public."


Why do we get prompted by that message? 


  • Adrien B. #12279
    Adrien B. #12279 Posts: 61 ✭✭

    Fizz wants to ensure that the comments posted are compliant to community rules for the benefit of everyone using this community (the following was copied from https://fizz.ca/en/community-user-guidelines):

    What is expected from you when using our Community?

    1.   You’re polite and respectful to others.

    2.   You encourage others by giving Kudos and saying Thank you.

    3.   You contribute and help others in a positive way.

    4.   You’ve reached the age of majority in your province of residence.

    What not to do in the Fizz Community Hub?

    1.   Post any private information.

    2.   Cyber bully.

    3.   Spam the Community via private message.

    4.   Post hateful, degrading, profane or racist remarks — including posts that are politically, racially or religiously offensive.

    5.   Advertise other products or services.

    6.   Post anything that would violate copyright laws, including images, videos or gifs.

    7.   Post misleading information.


    Some words or phrases may trigger automatic needs to check the information provided. It isn’t anything bad; it’s for everyone’s benefit and safety.



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