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I wonder where my sim card is?

So I ordered a sim card on Saturday Oct. 5th and to my surprise I received an email for its delivery on Monday Oct. 7th; both on my account and the tracking page it appears as delivered but I have checked my mailbox ever since and have not received it yet.. I mean I didn't even expect a shipping during a weekend :/
And honestly now I just don't feel sure/comfortable to make another order and pay again and try to get a refund for the first one, as they suggest for the solution! What if I never receive the second one either? Why not just sending me another one without me paying for it?


  • GOAT
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    Contact Fizz support via Facebook. They should help you out. Unfortunately, you won't receive the new SIM before the end of stabilization (today!).
  • Thank you all! I was able to use the online chat and they told me they will refund for the lost sim card after they check all the details, and that I would need to make another order for a new sim card.. so I have decided to wait until I receive the refund and then order a new sim card, hopefully this time it will be successful!
    I realized that my apartment number is not represented at the order page and also at my plan page, which is odd cuz I can see it under manage my plan page :/:D I don't know this is just so silly.. And they can't edit the address for me, and I can't edit it before ordering... sooooo, apparently the only way is to order a new sim card :D so yeah I'll wait and upon receiving the refund for the first one I'll make a new order
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    Leila, don't forget that Fizz stabilization period price ends today. Is that something you brought up when you chatted with them? Try to negotiate into them giving you the discounted rates even if you activate your plan after today because of what happened with the sim card.


    Don't forget to use a referral code also when you activate your plan to get $25 off from your second payment. You can use mine if you so wish: YA4ZW

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