Fizz Home Internet paused because of an overdue payment?

I received an email from Fizz letting me know that my service has been paused because of an overdue payment. And to update payment method to resume service and avoid losing points.


I have two credit cards on file, both of which are nowhere near their limit. I have a default selected in my profile. Did anyone else have this issue? The only thing that changed was that I applied an upgrade to a slot about a week ago.



  • Sanjay
    Sanjay Posts: 40
    it happened to me. I put a new card and then updated the card and there should be a selection to make payment now and should process the payment. That option only shows if the card didn't go through the first time.
  • jeedey
    jeedey Posts: 83
    I would say to call your credit card. Maybe your account is on hold for some reason and the payment could not go through. The same issue happened to my friend once.
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