Do the $25 discounts stack if I refer multiple people in the same month?

What happens when multiple people sign up using my referral code within a short period of time?

For instance, if my bill is $50, and I refer two people in the same week. Assuming they both stick with Fizz and make their payments on time, would the discount I receive on my bill couple of months later be $25 + $25 = $50? 

And what if if my monthly bill was $25 or less? Would one of the discounts get carried over and be applied to the following month's bill? Or is it lost forever because one discount has already been applied? 

Furthermore, what if I had a really basic plan that cost say $18, if I refer one person, would the extra 7$ carry over to the following month's bill? 


  • J D. #792
    J D. #792 Posts: 314
    yes, it stack but Fizz could have accounting/billing bug. I have to recalculate for them and have a ticket to adjust to the correct amount.
  • I did refer several friends at the same period in July and now I got the bonus of X * $25. The bonus they gave is in my account wallet and every month I need to pay, they will deduct the amount from my account wallet first.
    So now I am using the plan is almost for free for several months:)
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