I bought 1gg of data and when I went to see my bank account there is 8 transactions what to I do ?

I want my money back


  • Leifuer
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    it might be an display issue.

    Contact Fizz first and verify your account or credit card history if they are real, then request the refund.

    Good luck!

    In any case that you have difficulty for the refund, there is always CCTS the behind you!
  • You should wait until the transactions are approuved and really passed on your credit card, it usually takes a 3-4 days. After that, if there really is 8 transactions of course chat with them for a refund!
  • HABS
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    Did you buy data because your plan has none? I see people here giving data for free most of the time. I would choose this way instead of buying it.
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