Getting the call add-on in place of unlimited minutes?

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So I currently have unlimited minutes, but I really don't use my phone to make or receive a lot of calls. When I do, I usually use WhatsApp to do it. So would it not make more sense to cancel the minutes and just get the $3 add-on that could potentially last 2 whole months?

However, I'm also seeing the following in the "ABCs of Fizz" page:

If you think you’ll have very few calls to make (or receive), add funds to your Fizz wallet to pay per use your calls ($0.10 per minute).

^Is this something completely different? 10 cents a minute doesn't work out to the add-on that is supposedly $3.00 for 1 hour. It works out to 18 minutes as opposed to 60.

Anybody else here who have very little need for calls successfully use the add-on in place of having unlimited minutes in their plan? Can I still have the voicemail option if I change my plan to 0 minutes but get the call add-on instead? Is the 60 minutes both for in and outgoing?


  • I use the $3 option so I don't have to think about keeping my wallet funded.  And as you say, as long as I use more than 18 minutes every 2 months on average, I come out ahead :-).


    The $3 add on gives you 60 minutes, for incoming and outgoing. This is a prepaid add on, meaning you pay the $3 and if you don't use any of the minutes, you lose them.


    In the pay per use model, you fill your wallet and each minute (incoming/outgoing) will be deducted from your wallet at 10 cents a minute.  If you make/receive no calls, there is no cost to you.


    Lastly, you can add voicemail to your plan regardless of how many minutes you have.  However, if you have 0 minutes and no funds in your wallet, it won't go to your voicemail.  


    I hope that answers all of your questions.

  • You seem to be well inform on the options so now it is up to you to look closely at your use of the minutes you really spend and calculate what is best for you.
  • Addons expires.
    Money in the wallet don t
    Knowing that it is your choice !
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    According to my experience, when you have no minute plan, you will be charged both incoming and outcoming calls.


    IN ADDITION, you will also be charged EVEN you MISSED the calls, which means as soon as someone is calling you, you will always be charged.  


    Think well before you change your plan.

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