Better to have 2 plans on 1 account or create new account for the 2nd plan?

So in terms of receiving rewards and levelling up, which is better?

If I already have an internet plan but I also want to add Fizz mobile plan, should I be adding it from the existing account or create a new one? Apparently, you can't use your own referral code if you order a second plan, but you would be able to use it if you create a new account and order the second plan from there. Which makes it seem like it's better to have 2 different accounts.

If I did have 2 plans on one account, when others use my referral code, on which plan will the discount be applied to? Am I able to choose which one is the default/main plan?

Also, are the upgrade slots separate for mobile and internet? If I'm level 3 and have 2 slots, does that mean I can use 2 upgrades for mobile and 2 for internet? Or just 2 total combined for both?

Am I missing anything else?


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