How can I rescue my waylaid SIM Activation?

Sequence of events:
1. My old phone, working and with SIM, was mistakenly taken to Toronto
2. Didn't want old phone anyway - told them to keep the phone and throw away the SIM
3. Bought new phone and replacement SIM, SIM arrived within 24 hours -- well done FIZZ
4. Went to website and selected "Activate My SIM"
5. Entered the SIM Activation Code --> it said choose a phone number !?!
6. I went to a different computer, logged onto FIZZ, and realized there's a *different* "Activate My SIM" link for existing phones
7. However, I entered the SIM Activation Code and it says it's already assigned to a customer!
So how do I recover the SIM Activation so I can use the new SIM card in the phone?
I've tried entering the phone number on the first activation attempt (i.e. porting the number over to FIZZ), but it (correctly) says that the phone number is already assigned to FIZZ.


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