My telephone number is being used as fraudulently phishing scam?!?

I received a call from a lady (416 area code) threating to submit my phone number to the police.  Apparently she keeps getting frequent calls from my FIZZ mobile number claiming it's the provinvial government and is requesting sensitive information.  I was surprised to hear all this and it didn't sound like she was making this up. She seemed very frustrated and irate. 

I can't reach FIZZ mobile at all through any attempt. Even attempted to use their facebook messenger as their website says to do, but it just tells me to use teh Community Hub.  

Should I call the police directly as well to report this? I'm tempted to cancel my plan with FIZZ and switch back to my previous provider. Will warn my husband and friends to do the same. 


  • I once went to the police station, the officer called back, and the other side told the office there was no call ti me, but definitely I have her number called in. and police office could not do anything with it. the only thing is protect your information. if you can't talk with a spam call, just hang it up.
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