Can you only add one upgrade at a time?

I recently received a bunch of upgrades from Fizz like $2 off internet, $1 off internet, 500mb of data, and 2 x 250 mb of data. I added the $1 off internet and it worked. I tried the others and when I try to apply it all the current upgrades shake on the screen and nothing happens. Can you only add one upgrade per cycle?


  • Mike
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    One upgrade per slot, and you need to wait a cycle to use it
  • DrJ
    DrJ Posts: 6
    Here is a great explanation of how the upgrades and slots work.
  • Leifuer
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    Though you have many upgrades, you have only 3 (maximum) slots to use, which means that you will only use three of them.

    Maybe in the future Fizz will open more slots.

    In addition, the upgrade will take into account for the next cycle.
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