Charged for data upgrades?

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Hi all,
I've been charged 4 times in a row for data upgrades. Every time I chat with support service but nothing has been done.
Enough is enough! I'm considering now another provider. Any idea? What do you think about Public Mobile?


  • Allison W.
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    They should be able to instantly refund you when that happens--they did when I was charged for the "free" voicemail add on.
    As for public mobile, my daughter is with them on a $15 plan ($13 with autopay) because they offer unlimited incoming minutes with it. Their customer service is done mostly by internal message and it takes a couple of days to get a response, but they do seem able to fix problems eventually. She has been happy with the service. Their data speeds are slower than Fizz, but not slow enough that it will cause a problem for most people.
  • Fizzy
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    Sorry to hear you've been charged 4 times in a row for data upgrades. You have the right to contact Fizz again until you get satisfactory results.


    PM is a similar prepaid service owned by Telus. Here is some info

  • Gswim
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    Sorry To hear that Eder. A lot of people have been double or over charged since couple of days. Maybe due To maintenance from August 30 To Sep 3rd. Like Allison said customer service soul refund you rigth away instead of given you thé run around.
    @allison, thanks for the info on public mobile
  • Gates
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