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add user with his account or not?

i’m a new fizz user. i’m thinking of transferring my home internet and my mobile plan with fizz. i know the more services i subscribe the fast i accumulate the rewards. now i’m wondering if i can have a second mobile plan for my husband in my account? is it much faster to accumulate rewards? should i add a new user in my account? if he wants to have his own account, when i add him as a user under my account doesn’t it slow down the speed that we accumulate the rewards? when i add him as a user, if he has his own account will the speed to accumulate rewards be slowed down? thank you for your reply.


  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 6,451

    On each account, the mobile rewards can be applied only once. And same for the internet rewards, they can be applied only to one internet plan.


    So the maximum benefit appears to be 1 mobile plan and internet plan on the same account.


    You can add your husband as a user. but he should have his own separate account.

    Hope this makes sense.

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