New speed rate maybe ?

Hi Fizz,
Do you think to have more like 120 Mbits speed soon ? Like 200 or 400 ?


  • Gswim
    Gswim Posts: 543
    that would be great to have different speed options at different prices.
    I don't need that much speed so i would pay less :)
  • Leifuer
    Leifuer Code for reference->PRHS4Posts: 463
    120 Mbits is already available, check here:

    Maybe in the future there will be 200 or 400, much MORE....expensive!
  • Gswim
    Gswim Posts: 543
    yes, 65$/ month for 120 mbits
    check it out at the link given earlier
  • Gates
    Gates Posts: 833

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