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Where's my Sim card?

I ordered a SIM card last week, didn't receive it and did not receive any tracking number or way to track it. I spoke to Alexei via chat and was explained they'd refund me if I ordered another one. Silly me, ordered it Monday, and here we are Wednesday and I still don't have one and again no tracking number.
What do I do?


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    Start by checking the status of your SIM card delivery.

    1. Go to My profile in your account.
    2. Scroll and click on Order history, here you can see the status of all your Fizz orders.
    3. Go to See details of your order
    4. In the order details, go to the shipping number to track your delivery
    5. In the courrier service website you can see the details of your delivery

    go to shipping number to track your delivery on the courrier service websiteGo to shipping number to track your delivery on the courrier service website


    On Planete courrier tracking website, go to 'click for more info' and enter the postal code of the delivery address: you can see delivery details (where your SIM card has been pasted, which has received the parcel with signature...).

    click for more info'click for more info' on Planete courrier's tracking website tells us here that the SIM card has been pasted on the door


    My delivery is flagged as delivered but I haven’t received it. What do I do?
    1. Check on the website of the courrier service that the delivery address is correct: if the address is incorrect or incomplete, then contact the courrier service directly to they can correct the address and make a new delivery.
    2. If the courrier service cannot make a new delivery, then place a new order in your account and contact us so we refund you the SIM card you have not received.
  • Thanks Mike. Do you work for fizz? I've done all that and as I said I don't have a tracking number and have ordered a second Sim card and also haven't received that.
    I feel I'm stuck.... OH SIDE NOTE: You only get a refund if you have an active account(I don't yet as I don't have a SIM card yet)
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