Am I the only one experiencing interruptions since yesterday?

Since yesterday, my wifi has been on and off periodically, shutting down for 30-45 seconds at a time but this all day long, anybody else having the same issue?
Thank you!


  • Yelena
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    Are you in Montreal?
    No issue for me, I am in Montreal.
  • Gswim
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    Have you tried a modem restart?
    check this link for possible solution
  • Everything work perfectly since a month !
  • Everything work perfectly since a month !
  • It all works fine on my end.
  • FC
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    It is famous issue for Fizz Internet Service. I had the same problem for few months (off and on every day for few times). I chatted with Fizz and they sent a technician to my house. The technician told me that he and his friends all have the same issues. He can not do anything to improve it as it may be the problem from the server, he said. However, he re-installed the cable line out of the house for me. Until now, there is one time off since then (one week). I am not sure when it will happen next time. Just wait and see.
    Fizz is a new company. We should give them a little bit time to improve. Overall, Fizz is a good company even they have some issues.
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