How can I get my SIM card?

The SIM card will be sent by a mail or an express?


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    If you are in montreal by a carrier Planete courrier's
  • Gabi
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    In Montreal Planete courrier and outside Montreal it's Canada post with tracking number.
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    If you are in Montreal, be aware that the envelope with the sim card will be sticked on the front door of your building because the delivery company doesn't have access to enter the building. Check for your delivery as soon as you receive a notificatiion.
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    Hi, Your delivery time depends on which shipping option you selected when you ordered your SIM card. There are two shipping options, express and standard.


    You can find more info here:


    As stated by others, some customers have reported lost or missing SIM card when delivered by Planete courrier. Canada Post is more secure as they have access to your mail box or apartment entry door if applicable.


  • J D. #792
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    By regular mail, take about 2 business days.
  • The SIM will be sent in a regular envelope trough Planet Courrier. You can track it online, takes about two days.
  • Gates
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