multiple payments in same month?

I have been overcharged on my credit card in July and August. I was charged for my mobile plan on July 11 for $28.74 and again on July 18th for $29.50.
As for the internet plan, I was charged on August 10th the regular $45.99, and again on August 20th for another $45.99.
Can this please be looked into as this is the second time I get in contact for this issue.
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  • Fizzy
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    Hello, It must be fustrating to overpay for the same services.


    It looks like you have to contact Fizz customer service.


    Just to be sure the information you give to them is complete and relevant.

    Where are you seeing the charges?

    - Do you see these charges appearing on your credit card account?

    - What about your Fizz account when you check the transaction history? Do the overpayments appear there too?


    I am asking because something must be wrong if this is the second time this is happening. It is almost as if you have 2 separate accounts, both making charges to our credit card once a month. I hope you are able to get this resolved with Fizz customer service.

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