What's most cost-effective if you don't call a lot?

I can't seem to see prices for add-ons or pay-as-you go rates before activating a SIM - am I missing a page where all this is detailed? I usually only make about 3 minutes worth of calls a month so I was thinking of removing the unlimited calls and texts from the plan I select, but I can't see how much it would cost me if I just paid for calls out of credit in my wallet, or if there is an add-on that gives me a small number of minutes that costs less than the unlimited plan. Can anyone help? Thanks!


  • Thanks, but it still doesn't tell me how much it costs - I can't find per-minute pricing or add-on pricing anywhere.
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    I would just keep the text & call unlimited. Now the text&call is 12.60 for quebec and no voicemail. Let say add-on is 0.25/min. So assuming you use an average of 22min/month = 5.50.
    But to keep an active line without anything is 7.20. So if you choose add-on pay per use minute, will be average of 12.70 (5.50 + 7.2) which cost more than the current voice+text unlimited plan which is 12.60.
  • Hey Rachel,
    Personally, I don't use that much calls. So, what I do is buying the add-on that gives 60min for 3$.If I need more or if I do overuse it, I just add another 3$. Other than that, you have also some other options such a 300min for 10$. Which, for is, is quite enough if you don't use it that much it's better than paying this 10$ for unlimited all-time.
    These options are in Manage (mobile) / add-on / call - texts.
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    @David... Unlimited is not $10, but $5.50.
  • Thanks everyone for the answers! Really helpful. I find it a bit frustrating that Fizz don't put these prices up-front on their website - it seems you can't access them at all until you have activated your SIM, but how can you even decide if you *want* a SIM if you don't know the full costs of different options like add-ons? Anyway, this gives me the info I need, thanks.
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