Are you guys Fed-up with fizz?

I have been embarrassed with fizz over and over. Aug 5th, I was in Mont-Tremblant region and searching a location on google map. I didn't even have service. My family members who came from Europe connected to expensive roaming data and I was using it. I wasted about 2 hours on my way.
Last week I was in Toronto. In greater Toronto region the data is good. On my way to Toronto and half an hour away from Toronto the data doesn't work. Where ever I visit was looking for wifi password. Is it embarrassing or I get what I paid for?


  • Mike
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    I did not have problems in USA and Quebec for data/voice/sms
    The only problem that I got when I am going to USA and back it takes couples of minutes to find the network.
  • I have lots of little problems but as for the service never experienced lost of signal.
    There are other low cost companies that may be more appropriate if you travel a lot.
    Good luck.
  • Allison W.
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    I haven't had too many problems with connecting to a network while roaming. When I have, toggling airplane mode on and off has generally fixed things rather quickly.
  • Hi Pratheep,

    Be sure you have roaming data enabled, and that you have the correct APN. This also happened to be while i was in Toronto. I had to contact the support and I lost quite a few time figuring out why it wasn't working.

    They told me there was a glitch. I had the travel add-on currently running but it wasn't working. We fixed it pretty quickly by resfreshing the APN and you can also try the to put your phone on Airplane mode for a 30sec and turning it back.


    As told by others, we pay less but Fizz are in a Stabilization period. We should be patient.


    Good luck.

  • Me and my wife have fizz phone plans. It was not only for me. Same thing on my wife's phone as well. Some time I fixed it by restarting the phone. But it didn't work all the time. Now I plane to keep one phone with fizz and move the other with another carrier. last time was 3rd incident since last April or every time I leave greater Montreal area.
  • Kiyana
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     I am not happy with other service provider but the Fizz is just worts. They don't offer any services and charge you. I did not waste my time with them. 

  • Shilgi
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    I had issues before in the cornwall ON. where data was not working but this week I went there again and everything was fine
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