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Fizz wallet empty?

I deposited 50 dollars in my fizz wallet before I left Canada to France on vacation, which in deed its listed in my transactions history but it says that my balance is zero. Can you please correct this immediately? Because you're ruining my vacation by not being able to communicate with my phone in anyway. Please please please


  • Yelena
    Yelena Posts: 1,801
    It is users forum here. We don't have access to your account. You have to communicate with support by chat or Facebook messenger.
    Maybe your money was used while you were in a zone where there is no Fizz coverage?
  • Micah
    Micah Posts: 102
    This seems to have happened a few times to some other people in the forum. I suggest contacting FIZZ support team through the chat feature. I hope they resolve this quickly for you, enjoy your trip.
  • Leifuer
    Leifuer Posts: 457
    Contact Fizz directly, here is the community mainly for all other Fizzers,

    Not an official Fizz customer service here.

    Good luck!
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