INTERNET INSTALLATION From the Pole to Modem inside the house = free?

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There seems to have a lot of confusion.
I would like to know if the house doesn't currently has a cable from the pole, will the technician come here and install it for free?
I got told by a technician it requires the VIP installation (he said he is only getting paid for the delivery of the modem and nothing else) if he has to make a cable.
Is that true? A lot of people including the website are saying the VIP is only for configuration of the modem (it has nothing to do with the cable installation from the pole)?
Can anyone confirm?


  • Try to contact Support
    They will help for sure ;

    08:00 to 21:00 week time
    10:00 to 18:00 weekend
    Go on this page
    if you are not connect then login
    Go to a faq page like :
    Wait 15 seconds for the bubble
    icon to appear at the bottom right
    of the browser and click on the icon
    Your can also send a message by facebook and click send a message (this is a bit slow)
  • Takion
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    Yes normally he need to put you a connection to your house contact tech support to fix this issue
  • Yelena
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    Correct. VIP installation means modem configuration and has nothing to do with the cable.
    The technician's job is not only to bring your modem, but also to check the signal from the cable. If you need to extend the cable from the pole to your home, it has to be done by the technician as well.
    If you have issues with the technician, contact the support to let them know. You will need to schedule another appointment if the technician didn't do his job properly.
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