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Why is my internet slow?

I have a internet connection with Fizz 10Mbps/1.5Mbps and the download speed maxes out at 1.3Mbps. I gave up a grandfathered in connection with Videotron. 3Mbps/1Mbps. Can someone explain to me why a slow 3Mbps/1Mbps connection from Videotron is much much faster than a 10Mbps/1.5Mbps from Fizz. The problem started right away after the installation of the Fizz modem/router. It doesn't matter what I do it is always slow. Downloading from my browser, downloading a game with a PS4 or using bittorrent maxes out at 1.3Mbps. If i use the Fizz wifi app or a speed test page it tells me everything is fine. I also monitored in real time individual bandwdth use on my network and the speed is nowhere near reality. The app gives erroneous speed for individual user. The support via chat bubbles doesn't work anymore and I have no social media account and when I try asking questions in the solution hub my question doesn't show up. Something is very wrong here and it is unacceptable. My patience has limit. If a Fizz employee doesn't contact me soon to explain why it is the way it is. I will cancel my subscription, ask for a refund and someone will have to pick up the modem/router.
Sorry to repost my question but I can't edit or do anything with the first thread. I guess they lock it when you click best answer.
I have tried connecting directly in the modem/router and it still maxes out at 1.3Mbps


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    Did you contact Fizz by chat as suggested on the previous topic?
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