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250mb upgrade priority?

I was browsing the forum and saw contradicting answers on the way data is consumed. Some say the 250mb upgrade is used before the data plan and some say that the 250mb upgrade is used after the data plan is depleted. The way my account is right now, the data of my plan is being used before the data of my upgrade (see picture).
I thought it was a bug and contacted a Fizz representative. She told me it was a not intended and would send my ticket to their technical team. I got an answer of their technical team with questionable English that reads as such
''Our dedicated team told us that the Upgrade is not prioritized towards our servers. If the data from your monthly plan will be used, Upgrades will be the next.
Normally, the monthly plan should be used first because he expire first. The Upgrade is available 2 years.''
Since I had conflicting answers from Fizz representatives, I was wondering if I could have the experiences of others if I was experiencing a bug or not. Thank you


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