Ordering a sim card

Hi. I'm trying to order a sim card, but it doesn't work. I was written: "There's a problem. Please try again." What can I do?


  • Ordering a SIM card is not on the list of potential problem during Maintenance.
    It's probably more related to a browser issue. Either change browser or activate privacy mode.
  • Mike
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    @Lauriane: I forgot to tell you, if you need a referral code in order to have 25$ on your 2nd payment, this is mine K61CD, it is important to use it when you create your plan, at the end of the procedure when the taxes are shown.

  • @Lauriane, were you finally able to order your SIM card ?
    If you don't have a reference code code here is one:
    Thanks in advance, and welcome in our community
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