Coverage outside Canada

My actual plan is Québec.
I'll be spending 4 months in the US.
1) It seems that the most convenient way to use my number is to switch plan to Canada + US instead of one of the two travel options, isn't it?
2) can I go back to my actual plan (Quebec only) once I won't need it any more?
Thanks for your help


  • Mike
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    1) Yes, however you are not suppose to spend more the 3 months outside your area


    We reserve the right to block access to all of your Fizz mobile services if your mobile services are used primarily on partner networks (Fizz EXT) for 3 consecutive payment cycles.


    2) yes you can, however, if you are client before the 12 of april, probably you will loose your current price, since plan activated before the 12 of april, they are suppose to have a special price when the stabilization period is over

  • Personaly, I would keep my account with minimal services (to keep your phone number) and get a SIM card from a US provider.
  • Yelena
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    @Stéphane: if Agnese changes her plan now and leaves for 4 months, probably the stabilization period will be over when she comes back. If she subscribed before April 12, she will lose the launch price when she will modify her plan back.
  • Mike
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    @Agnese, I am not able to find it at the moment, however, one user posts already a similar question, after chatting with the customer's service, they told her to buy an addons, as for showing the good faith (in my opinion).
    Therefore, try to contact the support to see what they are going to tell you.
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